Eating healthy isn’t just a trend anymore, it’s a way of life. People are looking for healthier options along with great places to work out, for a well-balanced lifestyle. Over the years the options for healthy food in Lancaster has grown tremendously. Although there are many delicious places that offer healthy food, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.

Oola Bowls


Smoothie bowls are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snack. Oola Bowls is Lancaster’s home for these delicious bowls. They offer a few classic recipes and you can make your own. Plus, they have many different places you can get them like Central Market, Lancaster Marketplace, and their food truck!

Fresh Farms Cafe

With healthy food in Lancaster becoming more popular, it makes sense that places would use local ingredients. Fresh Farms is committed to serving their customers the freshest, healthiest and most natural foods possible. Their menu is also full of great options for whatever mood you’re in.

Cafe One Eight


Lancaster County is full of cute cafes that have healthy meals and drinks for customers to enjoy. Located in the heart of the downtown, Cafe One Eight has a wide variety of healthy food, drinks, and snacks. One of our favorites is their Veggie Jumble and Avacado Toast. Stop by next time you are checking out downtown Lancaster.

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