Now that it’s summertime staying fit is on everyone’s mind, especially right before a vacation. But many people struggle to find the perfect workout for them. Luckily for you, there are plenty of gyms in Lancaster that offer a wide variety of classes.

Move It Studio


One of the newer exercise trends is barre, which is a workout that uses body weight, light weights and you guessed it a barre (like the one you use in ballet). And no matter how good of shape you are in, you will be feeling sore the next day. If you are interested in switching up your work out routine, you can find more information on Move It Studio’s website.

Peak Indoor Cycling


We all enjoy long bike rides, but have you ever thought of it as an intense workout? Peak Indoor Cycling is one of the only gyms in Lancaster that offer this kind of exercise. With classes that last for an hour or more, you will be sure to work up a sweat and burn those calories. To check out their schedule of classes, visit their website today!

Box It Fitness (Closed)


If you are looking for a place that has a variety of workouts for people of all ages, you have found the right place. With classes that use the classic boxing exercises and combos and weight lifting, you will be leaving any Box It class dripping sweat. Plus, the first class is always free!

Now that you know a few of our favorites, you can tell Lancaster has workout classes for people of all ages. If your favorite didn’t make the list, let us know! We will have more fun articles coming soon.

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